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Shine On offers the highest level of reliability in sourcing and supplying a wide array of gemstones, meteorites, fossils, and gold jewellery sourced from Sri Lanka, Africa, Europe, and across different parts of the world.

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License Dealer of National Gem and Jewellery Authority

Registered Exporter of Sri Lanka Export Development Board
Member of China Fort Gem and Jewellery Trade Association (CGJTA)

Sri Lankan, European and African Gemstones.

Sri Lankan Gemstones are among the most famous in the world, recent gem findings have been sought out in Sri Lanka.
We are proud to offer our services to gem lovers all around the globe.
Shine on Gem & Jewellery specializing in Sri Lankan, European and African, both precious and semi-precious gemstones, meteorites, fossils and gold Jewellery. This has been our family business for years with vast experience. We offer the best and most reliable services on all kinds of stones and gold jewellery items with enthusiasm.

We are progressing to expand our business across Sri Lanka and overseas to the UK, Europe, the United States, Australia, Thailand, China, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar and Tanzania.

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116/A, Abdul Azeez Mawatha, Kuruduwattha, Gintota, Galle, Sri Lanka 80280
contact@shineongems.com sales@shineongems.com

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+94 777773737 (Sri Lanka)

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